Noble Gold IRA Review

Noble Gold is a company that will help people set up and plan for their retirement. They include services such as IRA Rollover as well as guidance when looking at precious metal investment. They also offer home delivery service as well as they do consult with other financial experts in the field to make sure they are giving their customers the best options and services possible.

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History of Noble Gold Investments

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CEO Charles Thorngren

It is also important to know what a companies background is before deciding to work with the company. Noble Gold is located in Pasadena California. The company is thanks to it two co-founders which are Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume. They started this company because they wanted to change the gold industry and saw many issues with the way gold investment companies were running and wanted to give people a better option. Before they opened their company the major issues they saw were that other gold investment companies were not transparent enough. Also their goal was making profit and not a big concern for the well being of the client. Charles and Collin wanted to educate and help their clients to make the best investments possible. That is good for both their clients and them. That was their goal when they started and is still their goal today. Charles has over two decades of experience in investments. He started back in 1985 selling stocks and bonds his focus all has been and still is customer service. Collin has a diverse back ground in finance and economics. During the great depression he was helping clients to safeguard their wealth in such a trying time economically.

To break down what exactly is all offered by Noble Gold lets start with the precious metals that they give guidance on investments. What exactly are they talking about? They are referring to gold, silver, platinum and palladium investments. They really want to make sure they are doing what is best for the customer. If they are working with a client who needs more guidance than what they can offer they will refer them to other financial specialist who can give them more guidance and make sure they fully understand what is going on to make sure that their client is making the best and most informed decision as possible. This is not to say that Noble Gold is not experienced they are very experienced, in fact their CEO and President both have several years of experience across many different areas of finance each. Besides the metal investments they also offer five minute individual retirement accounts. They also sells collector’s coins and physical gold and silver packaged for emergency use. So as you can see there are many different choices with them and they want to make sure that there are multiple options so their clients can choose what is best for them. They want to be as transparent as possible and give their clients all the information they need to make good investments and decisions when it comes to their retirement. They do this by having the IRA Fees posted right there on their websites for anyone to easily see. They also offer back a buy back program. Which means that if you purchase any of their metals they offer and you decide you are unhappy with it or you just don’t want them any more they offer for you to sell it back to them. This is not something where you have to haggle with them to let you do it. It’s very straight forward and very easily done. They truly do pride themselves on making sure that their clients are happy even if it cost them money in the long run. They are in the business of help people and giving them as much piece of mind as they can. They even make it known from the start that they do not offer international storage for the metals. They do offer the ability to have it shipped directly to your home. While they offer it they do not recommends it due to security reasons. However they recognize that it is your metal and if that is what you decide you want they will do it. They want you to be in control of your own investments.

Another important thing with any company you are working with is to see if they have good customer service. Noble Gold Customer Service is customer focused not bottom line focused. Noble Gold Customer Service is not told to do sales pitches to clients. They are to use their knowledge of investments and take the time to find out what the customers needs really are and suggest the best option for the customer.

Now one of the most important things to know is what is something going to cost you. If everything is perfect but you can not afford it then its not going to work for you and doesn’t really help you. NobleGold fees are listed directly on their website because they want to be straightforward and transparent with their clients. NobleGold fees are eighty dollars annually and then storage is one hundred and fifty dollars a year. I know that seems a bit much for storage. However it includes more than just allowing you to keep your metal at their storage facility. It also includes insurance. Also worth mentioning that all investments are kept separated from other clients investments so there is no danger of them getting mixed in together.

So how do you go about opening an account? It is an easy and straight forward process. You can get a great deal of information from their website. However to open an account you do need to call and talk one of their agents. This is only so they can talk with you and make sure what ever account you are choosing is really the best choice for you. They truly do want what is best for their clients. They understand that their clients time is valuable so they make the process quick easy and efficient, while still making sure that what you choose is best for you and that you do not have any other questions or concerns for them.

This all sounds pretty positive but lets go over what some of their customers have had to say. Everyone know it is easy for companies to say all the right things but do they actually practice what they preach? Their BCA rating is AA with no complaints listed.

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On The Better Business Bureau they have a grade of A+ with no complaints. On yelp Noble Gold’s rating is five out of five stars. On trust link their rating is five out of five stars that is with one hundred and twenty three reviews! Some of the comments their clients had on there where that if everyone in the world was as nice as their customer service agents this world would be a much better place. Over and over there is also the comment that they would highly recommend this company as well as that they look forward to working with them again. Also multiple comments that they put any doubts they had about the process to rest. That they made the process fun and easy which are not words you generally hear when dealing with this kind of transaction.  They have even been profiled oIn sites like, a website dedicated to trading and financial markets.

On facebook they are rated five out of five stars. Some of the comments in those review are as follows. Thank you for the follow up and return calls. They are safe and secure, very easy process and will recommend to others. To have this high of a rating on so many different forms and that clients took the time to write out reviews not just hit the stars and thats it tells a lot about this company. That is a lot of people taking time out of their busy day to let others know how they feel about the company. Also not just how they feel about the company but also take the time to say that many positive things is amazing. It is a statistical fact that you are more likely to share a negative review than a positive one. That tells people that this company is a great company that truly cares and goes above and beyond to the point that clients are going against human nature and taking time out of their day to write positive reviews and interactions with the company.

Just to recap as this has been a lot of information they have many different options and want to help you build and secure you wealth but they are not pushy and want to make sure that they take the time to truly meet your needs. They have top notch customer service who will not give you a sales pitch but take the time to listen to what you need and advise you accordingly not according to their bottom line. They are active on social media and have positive reviews in many places.