Why Mexicans are Investing in Miami Real Estate

Real estate investing is a great way to make money on the side or even turn it into a long term career. While most people want the highest return on their investing in Miami real estate, a lot of them usually don’t end up making good money out of their investment. This usually happens when someone keeps investing in the same type of property in Miami.

The dynamics of properties keep changing. For example, a few years back, if you had bought a condo you would have made a lot of money selling it away in these days because the prices went up a couple of years back. But now days, invest in a condo and you’ll be stuck seeing the same price for the next few years. In some cases, the prices of condos have even fallen below average.

Why Miami?

So, if you are interested in coming from Mexico, what is the best way to make money by investing in Miami real estate these days? The answer is simple! Invest in single family homes. These days single family home market is very stable and the prices of these homes is steadily increasing. This means that the investment you make today will probably earn you back something even if you sell it next year. Wait a couple of more years, and you could be making a fortune that only early gold investors can understand!


There are a number of reasons why people have started investing in single family homes than condos. Condos used to be the best type of property to invest in like we mentioned above. But now a days, investing in condos means that you need to have a lot of money in reserve for the upkeep and maintenance of the condos.

The thing is that many professionals are moving to Miami with their families and most of them are looking for single family homes. Since the amount of single family homes is limited, the supply and demand factor comes in play. With limited supply, the prices go up and this is what is keeping the market afloat at the moment.

Plus with single family homes in Miami real estate, there is unlimited renting possibility. These homes can be rented as many times as you wish compared to a condo which can only be rented twice a year every year. Also since condos require a lot of money for maintenance, their rent is high and families avoid them and go for homes instead.